The organization chart in the present era of chemical and other continuous processing plants like beverages, oils, paints etc shows that the Chemical engineers are leading than the others. Also a huge gap can be seen between the top level management executives and the workers. The students passing this diploma course have a vital role in filling up this gap between top level officer and the base level labour.
Department has various sophisticated and well equipped laboratories such as, Mechanical Engineering is an integral part of any industry and is evergreen discipline in the field of engineering. There are tremendous job potentials in Government sectors, Various Organizations for Mechanical Engineers. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to call the Mechanical Engineering branch as the backbone of all types of industrial organizations. It has also self employment opportunities in diverse fields and to become an entrepreneur.
  • Mass Transfer Lab
  • Heat transfer Lab
  • Environmental Lab
  • Plant Operation Lab
  • Process Instrumentation and Control Lab
  • Advanced Chemistry Lab
  • Chemical Process Technology Lab
  • Mechanical Operations Lab