Computer has become an essential utility in daily life, the need & growth of which can be seen in all areas like restaurants, communication media, industries, shopping malls etc. Every industry now-a-days have programming, operation and maintenance of a computer. The fast expanding field of Computer technology has witnessed tremendous increase in production of Computer based equipments during the last few years.

The Department has 7 different laboratories comprising of :

  • Well-furnished Computer Center with 20 P-IV computers, accessible to staff & students with unlimited Internet facility using 64 KBs/256 KBs /512 KBs broadband.
  • Full fledged Computer laboratory having 20 P IV computers with peripherals like web cam, manageable switches, routers, access points, wireless network, printers, scanners, mike, headphones etc.
  • Computer Software lab with 20 P-IV computers having licensed software such as Oracle, Visual basic, .NET, Computer Hardware & Microprocessor lab having Circuit Simulation software such as Circuit Maker and TASM, MASM for Microprocessor 8085, 8086 with different interfacing,
  • Computer Graphics lab with latest software's for image processing using Photoshop, CorelDraw, Paintshop etc.
  • Computer Design Lab is used to implement the innovative and engineering ideas to implement real time system and application software.
  • Two Computer centers with 20 P-IV computers each are devoted for first year students to get acquainted with computer fundamentals.