The Electronics and Telecommunication as well as Digital Electronics Department has full-fledged laboratories with instruments like digital storage oscilloscope (100 MHz), B/W TV trainer, color TV trainer, and kits for easy understanding of practical.
Various types of helping instruments like CROs, Function generators, Digital multimeters, D.C. Power supplies etc are available in every laboratory. Departments are equipped with Software like ORCAD for PCB designing, Electronic Simulation & Design and Special VSLI design & MATLAB laboratories. Computer Hardware & Microprocessor lab with circuit simulation software for microprocessors 8085, 8086 etc. are available.
Department have full fledged laboratories such as:
  • Digital Techniques Laboratory is furnished with number of bread board trainer kits to construct the various types of circuits and programmable
  • logic controller (PLC).
  • Linear Integrated Circuit (LIC) Laboratory is full fledged with numerous LIC kits used for
    generation, amplification & testing of various signals. Electronic Workshop Laboratory with PCB
  • Construction instruments and testing instruments and various electronic components is available.